Jan '17
TBM Owners and Pilots Magazine presents the AMCC's Flight Safety in the Drone Age. [pdf]

Mar '17
UK GA Safety Council highlights Flight Safety in the Drone Age. [png]

May '17
Don Arendt, Ph.D. joins the Permanent Editorial Board. [pdf]

June '17
CIRRUS PILOT Magazine urges AMCC-based COPA Code of Conduct as safety resource. [pdf]

June '17
American-Flyers, Gleim, and Sporty FIRCs invoke the Code of Conduct.

July '17
AMCC Initiative and University Aviation Association collaborate on UAS pilot best practices. [htm]

Sept '17
FAA Safety Briefing characterizes AMCC as "Guiding Principles for Instructors". [pdf]

Nov '17
Blacker and Weintrit books cite the AMCC. [pdf]

Dec '17
Metropolitan State U. integrates AMCC into its AVS Dept. Student Code of Conduct. [pdf]

Jan '18
AMCC Initiative renamed ACI Initiative, reflecting its broader mission.

Jan '18
UAS Pilots Code Released. [PDF]

Feb '18
FAASTeam Safety Seminar by Prof. Burgess presents the UAS Pilots Code. [PDF]

Feb '18
AMA Drone Report video covers the UAS Pilots Code release. [htm]

Feb '18
SAFE Blogs the Flight Instructors Model Code of Conduct. [htm]

Mar '18
UAS Pilots Code - Best Practices in a Disruptive Landscape. [htm]

Apr '18
UAS Pilots Code Italian translation / implementation by DGFLY SRL. [htm]

May '18
Collegiate Aviation Review International publishes the UAS Pilots Code. [htm]

May '18
AUVSI integrates the UAS Pilots Code into its Trusted Operator Program. [htm]

May '18
UAS Pilots Code Spanish translations by Drone Creativo. [docx]

June '18
Prof. Kiernan presents the UAS Pilots Code at the USI Safety Stand Down, AUVSI. [pptx]

March '19
Improving Cockpit Awareness of UAS Near Airports released. [html]

March '19
Improving Cockpit Awareness of UAS Near Airports released. [html]

Oct '19
SESAR JU CORUS ConOps finds UAS Pilots Code captures needs for responsible and safe use. [html]

Dec '19
Civil Air Patrol expands ACI Codes for Aircrew Progessionalism. [html]